Street Fighter Alpha

Action 1995 Windows Capcom Beat em up

Version of Street Fighter that plays great on PC

The original Street Fighter series was without a doubt designed for the arcade experience, and this meant that it translated a little poorly on the PC, emulated or rather ported. However, this version, Street Fighter Alpha which debuted on consoles as well as the DOS PCs, had all the amenities that a Street Fighter fanatic would want from the game. A larger, array of players, some of the classic ones, some newer ones, an attentively designed set of controls with easy to pull combos, and quite an exhilarating pace. Graphically, the drawn backgrounds, the fighters and the special effects are at their best, at least for the 2D representation, at times even more nice than my absolute favorite Street Fighter 2 Turbo. So, without much ado, if you're a fan of a good game in general, for the DOS platform, this is surely a worthy contender. If you consider yourself a fighter aficionado, this one has got to be on your top 5 list, so don't overlook it. It's one of the best fighters for the DOS platform, engaging, well designed, fun to play and sporting the same easy way in, hard climb to the top idea on which the arcaders were built on.

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