Super Street Fighter 2

Action 1994 Dos Capcom Beat em up

Top of 2D 90s fighting game

Arcade fighting with one to fight themes has always excited gamers because those games have always been fun to play. It is face paced action game where you go with one to one combats with different characters. You can choose any character in the game that you want and every character has their distinct traits and moves which have been supported by some very good graphics and very smooth animations. All the action is so faced pace that it really thrills the gamer and makes him/her an addict to it. I still remember when I was a kid and I use to play this game for hours and hours without resting. Though you can also play the game with your buddy but the A1 is also very competitive to make it a real challenge for you. The UI is a simple one with simple gaming options. The controls are so smooth that you can instantly respond to the moves of the opponent and then can strike back instantly without any delay whatsoever. So you can say that the gameplay is prolific and is the one for real fight simulation lovers. They have not incorporated the finishing moves which means that you will have to fight till the very end of a match. Street Fighter 2 is also one of my loved fighting games.

SSF2 ported to DOS

Super Street Fighter 2 is here distributed as a port to the MS-DOS platform. Unlike Mortal Kombat, this game has zero blood, no finishing moves and felt much more fast paced. In Super Street Figther 2, you have a choice of characters and you fight the other ones. Each character has its own special moves, one of the most ones had gotta be the Hadouken. You can play a some of story mode and versus mode either against the computer or a friend. The controls are excellent and don't feel delayed, especially that this is a fast paced fighting game. The graphics are outstanding for DOS standards. Super Street Fighter 2 is one of the best ports of a classic arcade over to the MS DOS. It's beautiful and you won't regret the experience you had at the arcade.

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