Street Fighter Zero

Action 1995 Windows Capcom Beat em up

My favorite action game in arcade category

Going with the name of this game, it has all out action which can really put you into that energetic groove of throwing punches and kicks in the air. The game is from the famous Street Fighter series and has advanced on in terms of the options, the variety and the gameplay. There are many such arcade style games but this one has a special presence and is one of the most liked ones by all arcade action game lovers. They have added some new characters which are quite familiar and the old ones have been made more powerful and quick. The power level in the game for every player need to be kept high so that you can perform some powerful death blows and moves. The rooster of the game is great and you can select from Sodom or Guy. The intensity is what I like the most and is very naturally the element which all fighting game lovers like. So you have some good intense fighting sequences on offer and you will simply love them. The graphics are very attractive and the gameplay is very smooth as all the moves and motions of the characters are without any lag whatsoever. If you want to go for some more real action, then try Mortal Kombat.

Street fighter in modern flavour

Capcom, the one who brought a lot of great games, has made an excellent job with its Street Fighter franchise. It just become better and better. Street Fighter Zero has a lot of elements that will keep you entertained. First of all, the game's roster is great and you might see some familiar faces. In the roster, you can even play as Guy Or Sodom from the Final Fight series. The gameplay is intense as in Street Fighter 2. Each character has a power level below and it fills up with every hits he/she gives/receives. Once the power level is high enough, you can perform a powerful special move. The graphics are beautiful and the sound and music are fantastic. It's one of the greatest fighting games I have ever played and I recommend it to every gamer out there!

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