F-14 Tomcat

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Activision Flight War Military flight

All action elements and great graphics

It is both and arcade game and a flight simulation which has really been an underdog because it has some very good elements which veteran flight game lovers like. There is not much in the game in terms of the plot but there is lot in terms of the variety of atmosphere and the action it has. The flight dynamics in the game are on the same level as we have seen in classics like Apache Strike as these dynamics are quite realistic and have been implemented perfectly. Most of the flight simulations lag in terms of the controls of the carrier but this time you have some very good controls which allows you to have a complete grip on what you do in terms of action. These intuitive controls are supported by a very good and easily interpretable UI which provides a lot of options for an exciting gameplay. The designing of various level and scenarios has been done with a lot of variety because the enemies, the destruction and the weaponry available is quite diverse. You will simply love how the game progresses and will also love the action animations which are crystal clear.

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