Knights & Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom

Strategy 1998 Windows Interactive Magic God game or micromanagement Fantasy Simulation

2D isometric RTS; takes cues from the Settlers

Knights & Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom is a decent RTS with a few interesting additions/perks. The game allows you to wield armies as big as you can produce the resources for. The game's perk, the main one, in my opinion, is the game's (relatively) unlimited number of units you can spawn. As long as you can feed them, you can wield them, should have been this game's motto! The game is mission based but it also packs these missions inside a pretty interesting story, having to do with this kingdom that needs to face foes and a ruler that has almost driven it to economical collapse. You will also love the game because of the graphics, which are pretty great. The diversity is alright, the maps use just a bit of The Settlers graphic style, and what I mean by that is that Knights & Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom also looks like it's been touched by a bit of cartoonishness, and by that plastic looking/almost saturated colors choice. It might not be as developed as The Settlers, and the disconnect between the story, which is quite dark and the game's looks, all cheery and what not, kind of will put you off. Still, the ability to raise larger armies can be interesting, even for short time.

An average but fun strategy game

This is a game that looks nice and plays nice, but unfortunately doesn't deliver as it's spiritual predecessor The Settlers does. The premise of the game is as the same as in every other strategy game - you are a little settlement and you have to build, prosper and conquer others in your land. As in all other strategy games, you have to take care of production of resources and use them to build other building and get your population higher. What is different from most games is that there are people working on that production and sometimes, they can just decide to take a break and stop production. That can be frustrating, but still I find this a cute quirk which shows that your characters are not just computer code that listen to your every whim. The game looks really nice, and the sounds are really great, with great music. Great detail has been given to the maps and your surroundings, which shows how much effort has been put into this game. While not different than most strategy games, it is still a fun, interesting and challenging game that will bring you a lot of fun. Recommended!

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