Dragon Breath - Dragon Lord

Strategy 1990 Dos Outlaw God game or micromanagement Fantasy

Long and twisted, lots of fun RPG!

While kind of small in scope and telling a story that you've heard before, Dragon Breath - Dragon Lord still manages to be the kind of RPG that you should be happy to stumble across, if (very!) early 90s games, especially RPGs are your thing. Now, Dragon Breath - Dragon Lord was first released for the Amiga and the Atari ST, so, graphically it was a potpourri of 2D, 3D, sprites and ancient looking text and so on. The story too had the elements that were classic RPG fantasy, but the tropes are well mapped onto interesting little quests. But the core of the game, the thing it's best at, it's the classes that you can play as, which are very well delineated and very interesting for long plays. Otherwise, some other interesting aspects of the game are the mini games within the game, the alchemical portion, the dragon breeding (yes, you can breed and enhance your own warring dragon!) and the missions involve those dragons thoroughly, plus, there is dragon based combat and even a politics sort of background to the game, that is actually modeled by your actions and your activities. Also, what makes the game stand out is that in spite of the diverse array of graphical elements, it still is very cohesive graphically, and thus fun to play. Else, the oldie Ultima series can't wait to be downloaded and played!

Have an army of dragons at your disposal - how cool is that?

Dragon Breath is a fantastic strategy game that puts you in the role of one of three dragon lords and you have to raise and breed dragons to conquer the world in the most epic way - use your dragons to destroy everything there is and become the world's ruler (much like in the game Dragon Strike). As ruler, you can set taxes to the villages in your domain to buy foods or spells to make your dragons much stronger. You have a limited supply dragon eggs and an incubator, so you can make your own custom dragons and give them characteristics you want them to have. To win the game, you have to find the talisman that is told to hold secrets of immortality, and is hidden somewhere in the game's world. The game is on of the coolest and most epic life simulations ever - to breed and create dragons! It's every fantasy lover's wish. The AI is not very challenging, but the game is fun and interesting despite that. The visuals are truly remarkable and very appealing. If you like fantasy games and want to know how it is to not one, but an army of dragons, you should definitely try this game.

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