Stunt Car Racer

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Stunt racer in minimal 8bit DOS graphics; good controls

Stunt Car Racer is not very much a looker, but it sure is a playable game. As a genre it sits neatly in the category of special racing games. It's specialty, as the name suggests is the ability to perform stunts, ability which is central to the gameplay of this game. As I mentioned in the title, don't expect outstanding graphics in this one. It is a game that is delivered in wireframe 3D, with the assortment of CGA colors to draw more of the world. However, amazingly, it controls well enough and the developers did a great job at approximating real world objects with very scarce wireframe objects. Thus, you always know where you need to head, and you always know when you need to steer your vehicles. The game also simulates speed very well, and so, if you like fast games, this one is an oldie that will deliver. For those looking for the kind of realism that could be delivered in wireframe graphics, long before photorealism was ever possible, Stunt Car Racer is going to be an enticing game. So download it, along with Speed Racer, similarly speedy, yet much more endowed graphically, this later one.

Thrilling and attractive racing game

It's a brilliant stunt car racing game which has all the features to drive you crazy and make you addictive towards it. Starting with the 3D graphics, the designs, the curves and the color combination is very appealing and is not tiring for the eyes and this is something which modern gamers look out for. The physical model they have devised for this one is amazing by all means as it induces an interesting gameplay all the way. The sounds of the cars are also realistic and are still not noisy for the sense of hearing. You will initiate the proceeding by playing as an amateur or a rookie and will have to win different races to up your level. The gameplay is tough as you will have to stick to a narrow lane or track at speeds of around 110 mph while avoiding the other cars that are present on the track. The game also has multi player option and is a complete package of realism, fun, speed and thrill. Apart from this game, the other games in this category are also very exciting such as Fatal Racing.

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