Space Racer

Racing 1988 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Futuristic Unconventional

Ride a hovering motorcycle in the future!

If you want a front scrolling motorcycle game, that couldn't even be bothered to draw wheels for the motorcycle, but found that making it hover was a good explanation for that behavior, you'll find Space Racer as satisfying as any motorcycle racer game from the late 80s could be. Sure, it is a CGA graphics game, with lots of magenta, as is to be expected, but after the first few minutes it catches you. It's a speedy game, it has quite a meaty feel to it, it manages to resolve that problem of keeping the game feel realistic but at the same time behave nicely enough to be well plausible, and yet very satisfying. Not too much option when it comes to racers nor the tracks, but then again I don't reckon you'll go about with it for more than a few laps, and then give it up. Yes, it is nice, playable, enjoyable, but it sure isn't a long lived game. And so, with all these considerations out of the way, Space Racer is an alright game, and I think it is well worth playing, but it is in no way a game you'll want to return to. Alternatively, download Turbo Cup a cars racer from the same era, also with CGA graphics.

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