Stunt Driver

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Oldie EGA Mustang thrusting driving arcader!

Stunt Driver is a pretty cool, well done arcade racer, featuring a sturdy 60s Mustang as the main vehicle in the game. In terms of technology, this is a sort of on the edge of forward scrolling sprite game, but it might even look proper 3D, as it's quite advanced. Colors and pixel count wise, its EGA era graphics, which is pretty great. Yep, the roads are pink and magenta, but then again, there are some variations, and, overall, Stunt Driver plays nicely and looks more than alright for what it is. You can only drive from within the vehicle, but it looks alright. Now, in terms of number of tracks, with about a dozen, Stunt Driver is pretty well done, and so you won't have any issues if you play it just casually, without taking it for excessively long spins. For this purpose, of playing it for short bursts of time, Stunt Driver plays pretty well, and is definitely well behaved. So, overall, Stunt Driver is a cool, retro racer, and the rather relaxing experience it creates is at the core of the experience. So, if you like this type of oldie game, sure, give it a go, it will certainly not disappoint. Otherwise, download Stunts which is a bit more complex and graphically advanced, but still in that similar vein.

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