Stunt GP

Racing 2001 Windows Design Tool Unconventional Challenges

Zoom zoom!

For fans of the classic Stunt Car Racer from Geoff Crammond comes this enjoyable little effort which is worth a spin if you're into offbeat racing action. It's got plenty of fast and furious entertainment, a good range of tracks and cars to try out and even has local multiplayer, which is by far the best way to play. you're basically given the choice of sixteen different little remote control cars, which are split into three different, and very cool, categories, including Wild West and Aeroblaster, and each of which handles very differently. You can tune the cars up with a huge range of options so you can get them just the way you want, and then you can head out on to one of the twenty four tracks, which are all loaded up with bridges, ramps, loops and other whacky stuff to make the racing even more enjoyable. There are loads of opportunities for stunts, but you need to keep an eye on your battery and must charge it up in order to keep running. That's about it really for the game, and while it might be a little lacking in options, there's plenty of fun to be had here. This is mostly thanks to the varied track design which means there's always something new to discover and which all have their own personality. The cars too are a lot of fun to drive, with the tuning system giving the game more depth than at first might appear. The visuals are simple but effective, with a lot of charm and a good sense of personality, while the controls are slick, intuitive and easy to use. All of this together adds up to a fun little diversion.

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