Captain Quazar

Action 1996 Windows 3DO Company Military Humorous

Cartoon military top down shooter

If Army Men plastics were not that shade of green, and instead they were more about saturated blue or other dies, then this game could very well be a representation of what a child's imagination could conjure with the famed soldiers! So, in Captain Quazar most of your time will be spent shooting enemies, picking up ammo and health packs and looking as cool as you can in your blue tight suit! Yes, the game pays homage to such heroes as Captain America or some others as well, which will really be enjoyed by anyone that lived on the superheroes of the 80s and 90s! The gameplay, as I said is all about shooting and navigating your way in this top down world, with its many enemies and traps. It's like Alien Shooter only that it's more cartoony, more cheerful and much more colorful. The letdown, unfortunately is diversity, which is to say that it kind of lacks... Yeah, after about 15 minutes you will have seen most of what the game packs up its sleeves. Though, surely, it is better that the game is more focused than spread across a thousand things, of which it wouldn't have realized none too well. Play it if you love top down shooters but want a less dark and gloomy experience.

Go Captain Quazar!

Developed by Cyclone Studios and published by 3DO Captain Quarzar was released in the year 1996 and it was a great hit. I have played similar games like Captain Blood before but this classic game brings back a lot of childhood memories. The story of this game is based on the super hero Captain Quarzar who is a law enforcement officer and his duty is to complete his dangerous missions across the galaxies. It's a science fiction adventure. In this game you have to play as the captain and defeat the all the bad things. In this adventure game you will love every move of Captain Quarzer. Use the bombs, missiles, guns etc to defeat your enemies. You will find more guns in every level. Sometimes you will get the chance to unlock secret levels. I love playing this game. Although it sometimes does not support post windows 98 versions, it's really a good game for time pass. If you like classic games then this is a very good game for you. Buy and play it. You will have a lot of fun.

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