Take No Prisoners

Action 1997 Windows Red Orb Entertainment Military Isometric

Repetitive most of the time

Take No Prisoners is a shooter game published in 1997 by Red Orb Entertainment and developed by Raven Software. Raven dedicated its activity to create new levels of technology and exciting videogames. Red Orb gained its reputation with Prince of Persia 3D and other appreciated games in the 1990s. Take No Prisoners comes with a top-down 3D view and an apocalyptic world. Your characters is Slade and the primary mission is to find a crystal. Until you retrieve it, you have to kill a lot of bad guys with shellfire. You will drive a lot of vehicles, such as hovercrafts, gun turrets and many others. At times, the exploration was a bit restraint by some small spaces, as if the game wanted to release my inner claustrophobia. I am not claustrophobic, but some places made me feel like I was. The design of the graphics is well done and I also appreciated the acting in the cutscenes. If you like to blast things and people, this game gives you what you need as a shooter enthusiast. The sounds were awful and repetitive, because you will be teased often by the enemies ("You better run, boy") and your character will relieve itself loudly everytime he shoots someone ("Alright!"). Come on, what are you, a scared child? It is very annoying. And not only the sounds are repetitive, so is the action of the game, when you have to pick up some items and do other stuff. In order to try a new perspective, you should get it, though.

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