Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul

Action 2000 Windows Fishtank Interactive Third Person

Offers a fresh look and a great experience

Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul is a role-playing fantasy game released in 2000 by Fishtank Interactive. You play as Zak, a blond-haired boy who goes in a search of his identity, exploring three islands. He must accomplish various objectives. At a first glimpse, the main thing you will be attracted of is the environment, which is beautifully detailed and designed by the producers of the game. The nature is bright, and its vegetation and sound effects give a fresh look and perception. Zak has to prove that he can fool his enemies with certain abilities, like sneaking behind their back and stab them, stealing from their pockets and other tactics that will totally surprise them. Well, I assure you this combination of strategy and action you have to perform is really entertaining. The magical aspect is represented by some sorts of weapons and defending schemes used by the enemies, such as tossing lightnings from a long distance. You live in a world with fantastic characters, and they vary from orcs, wizards, skeletons to dragons, lizards and cyclops. As you complete missions, kill foes and gain experience, the achieved points are used for increasing your expertise level in archery, stealing, in magic skills and other combat abilities. I am sure I've raised your interest enough for you to download this absorbing game.

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