Bubsy 3D

Action 1996 Windows Accolade Platformer 3D

Worst platformer ever?

The Bubsy series of cutesy platformers started out reasonably well, and although they didn't live up to the standards of Mario or Rayman, they provided some decent entertainment. However, by the time they leapt into the world of 3D and saw the release of this game, it had all gone horribly wrong. Bubsy 3D was the nail in the coffin for the franchise, thanks to its shoddy graphics, awful controls and general all-round lack of fun. There's some kind of story here, which sees the bold bobcat taking on aliens who are mad at him for some reason, and which requires him to collect pieces of a spaceship. However, it's all pretty dumb stuff, even for the genre, and it's not something that's going to keep the interest of anyone but the most undemanding gamer. Gameplay itself is a fairly typical early 3D platformer, with the usual leaping around some uninteresting environments and a bit of mild puzzling thrown in for good measure. While the game could have been a decent addition to a crowded market, it pretty much fails on all counts. Getting past the poor story, things get off to a bad start with some of the worst graphics, which are bad even by the standards of the period. They're poorly detailed, lacking in textures and just plain ugly for the most part. Sound is equally bad, with some dire voice acting which will have you reaching for the mute button. Things get worse when you actually start playing, with controls that are twitchy and awkward and which make even moving around a chore. Overall, unless you're a glutton for punishment, leave this well alone.

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