Super Collapse 3

Puzzle 2006 Windows Gamehouse Tetris variant Arcade style Casual Action

Color matching time!

The Collapse series is essentially a combination of classic puzzlers like Tetris and Columns which is not overly original but which provides plenty of color matching fun. This third entry in the core series is pretty much the same as its predecessors but includes a number of new modes to make it probably the best one going. The basic gameplay sees you presented with a playing field filled with colored blocks. Initially, the blocks are only at the bottom of the screen but new lines pop in pretty quickly so you need to click on certain blocks in order to get rid of them. You need to find blocks with at least two of the same color surrounding them and then click on it as this makes all those blocks disappear. As usual for the genre, if you reach the top of the screen, it's game over. The new modes here include a quest option where you progress through a strange world and which adds a shop to purchase items and also some mini-games. The Relapse mode brings blocks in from the top and bottom for extra challenge, while the Puzzle mode presents you with pre-defined levels where no new blocks appear. For some color matching entertainment, Super Collapse 3 is actually pretty decent stuff. Although there's not a huge amount of variation between the various modes, the core gameplay is very compelling stuff and it's easy to get sucked into it thanks to its addictive nature. The controls are super easy to pick up and the visuals simple but colorful so if you're looking for something to while away an hour or two, this is a good choice.

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