Puzzle 1990 Dos Eugene Ignatius Kim Tetris variant Casual

Tetris with bombs, math bonuses and more!

This Tetris remix is definitely one of the most diverse out there, featuring bombs, math based inner game puzzles. This math side of the game is given by the fact that each of the classically falling tetrominoes have a number on them. Within the classic, make the lines disappear, you can also attempt to solve the math, adding based puzzles. If you manage to get a certain value, by adding the tetromino value, for a line, you get points. And, thus, you get another line of thinking, where you count, while you also look for a position to put down your tetromino. So, this gives you an additional activity to get immerse in, and it truly has almost a hypnotizing effect. Graphically, well, it's a bit disappointing, it's got no particularities. It looks like an embedded Win 98 game, with that gray interface. Also, your background image is black, so, you get the idea – nothing much to see. But, remember, you'll be all busy with your counting and your classic Tetris mechanics, so there's no time for sightseeing, to be honest. Else, if you want a classic, no gimmick Tetris, download Tetris Classic. A classic is always fashionable!

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