Puzzle 1998 Windows Loren Blaney Tetris variant Casual

Tetris like with Windows icons!

This is a really cool windows themed game, a puzzle that aims to create a matching of tiles puzzle that will use the Windows icon set in order to make for the tiles that are to be matched in the game! Just wow! So, a great thing about it is that those that have been used to working in the old Windows environments, Win 95 and Win 98, will definitely have a plus of satisfaction playing this; it's definitely a creation for Windows nerds! The idea of the game is that tile sets of 4 tiles fall from the upper portion of the screen. They are made of 4 distinct icons. You have to match them vertically, horizontally or diagonally to make them disappear, which definitely takes some time to learn, but is ultimately a simple endeavor. After you complete a certain number of units, you will get an increase in speed. It's a simple, fun, relaxing puzzler, and the Win 98 look is definitely worth it. Play Columns for the original, or this one if you're a Windows OS sold individual that likes a trip ack memory li9ne every once in a while!

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