Super Hang-On

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A classic motorcycle racer

Many of us may remember Super Hang-On as being the Sega Arcade classic, an arcade machine where you actually mount a fake yet realistic looking motorcycle to race on and impress your friends with your virtual motorcycling ability. I have not seen many of those machines around since the early 1990'. If I became a millionaire, the first thing I would look into is definately getting one of those vintage arcade machines put into my house. Since we are not all lottery winners, this is a decent port of the game to the computer system to play at home. It still lacks the feel of the arcade, but this is probably the closest to the game many of us will get to Super Hang On, considering the arcade machines are no longer even found in the few arcades that are left. The game plays a little bit like a very early of the street racing part of the motorcycle game, Moto Racer. Still a very enjoyable game that was one of the best time trial racing games ever in my opinion. The gears are fun to play with, the opponents are fun to overtake and the most annoying thing is crashing into signs and tree's on the side like any racing game. An all around enjoyable vintage motorcycling game, for anyone that loves the motorcycle racing niche of video games.

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