Aspar GP Masters

Racing 1988 Dos Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Motorbike Arcade style Top down

Top down motorbike racer, well done enough

Aspar GP Masters is an arcade racer game, in the style of the top down 8 bit graphics racers. It is moderate in every aspect, the number of tracks and their actual complexity, the quality of the graphics, the quality of the physics implementation and the controls. It is not a bad, unplayable game, no, quite on the contrary, it plays smoothly, it offers you an escalating amount of challenge, but ultimately it is not a game that will live too long on your hard drive. It is just the kind of game that showcases itself in its entirety in the first few minutes of play. And, while that is okay, that is also not the envelope of a game you'd want to return to, over and over again. Overall, Aspar GP Masters is also a game that will remind you of Micro Machines in a way, because, while it doesn't try to simulate model vehicles races, it inadvertently manages to look and feel like that. So, if you crave 8 bit races, this can be the game to get that fix from, but don't come wanting too much content or too much polish.

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