Action SuperCross

Racing 1997 Dos Dosbox Balazs Rozsa Motorbike Arcade style

Sidescrolling motorcycle...tightroping!

I love this genre of motorcycle games, they used to be my 5 minute escapades when I needed to unwind from none other than work! Because the gameplay is so simple and yet so sleek and at times challenging: you have to steer your motorcycle left to right or right to left while avoiding at all costs tumbling down. This means that you have to carefully use the momentum, the speed, acceleration and deceleration as well as your tilt to stay balanced and always land on your feet. Thus, Action SuperCross is the kind of game that is simple to get, quite hard to master and manages to crawl under your skin is a very particular and ensnaring manner. This particular one is generally alright, more polished than a lot of Java web based ones I played, but a bit dated graphically. Still, the physics of your motorcycle feel well produced. Also, the variety in terms of tracks is nothing to sneer at, and this one will keep you busy for quite a few 5 minute breaks, or offer a hefty few hours of continuous play, at least if you're not that versed with the genre. Definitely worth a go, along with the ultra classic Motor Mania which has helped create the genre.

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