Karate Fighter

Sport 2000 Windows ValuSoft Fighting Martial Arts

No real fun, poor game

It is one to one fighting game which is lacking in terms of a lot of elements that are needed for an action game. There is no plot as it simply involves one to fighting matches between different players. The first bad feature in the game is that the moves of the players are not smooth and there is a lot of lag in these moves. The modelling of the players is also obscure and needs to have been a bit more creative and well designed. So this means that the graphics are not something to talk about. In terms of the gameplay, the A1 is not tough at all as you can easily beat all the computer controlled games without using much of your player's skills. So you just need to press different buttons without any patterns and you can beat the opponents. Well this is bad. The variety in the background designs for different fights is also very poor and s not engaging at all. The music in the game is good but is not something which is really needed. The controls are simple and effective but of no real use because the A1 is really poor. A far better one to one fighting game to try would be WCW Nitro.

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