Extreme Warfare Revenge

Sport 2002 Windows Adam Ryland Fighting Tournaments

A good wrestling management simulation

It is an interesting and detailed simulation of the wrestling world which gives you a detailed insight into the wrestling business. So it's not a fighting game where you hit and jump but is still interesting enough. You will play here as a budding promoter who has just entered the real world of pure wrestling and where the TV ratings really count than having handsome looking guys on the mat. The graphics are in the form of a spread sheet layout with red, white and black color scheme but it is not the graphics that make this game exciting. The controls in the game are very much at your disposal and it is who you decide how to appoint, who to appoint and who to discharge. To meet your aim of making your wrestling federation top the world, you have to check on your finances and the TV rating that you have. You have to employ a good strategy of hiring players and good promotions skills in this regard. If you go on and hire some of the biggies at the initial stages of your business, you won't be able to survive more than a month because of the huge wages that you will have to pay them. So an effective strategy and a good know how of the business world is all it requires. Well you also get to see some really revealing women while the gameplay.

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