Arcade 1987 Dos Fred Rousseau Flight shooter

Striker like sidescroller action game

Supercopter is a sidescrolling action game, that is built similarly to games such as Striker; you pilot a helicopter, from left to right, trying to shoot down the enemies that are on the ground in the air, and also, try to avoid some of the buildings, and any other elements that threaten to collide with you. Also, to keep things interesting, you have to add power ups to your chopper, to make it more powerful. Graphically, this game is far from being too loaded; the background is black, the foreground is monochrome, and also rather jaggedly, with indentations here and there, while your chopper, as well as the enemy choppers and missiles, are pretty much monochromatic, and pretty cool and well produced. So, all in all, Supercopter is definitely worth playing, and is surely worth looking into. It definitely it is no R Type which is good, as it is certainly not has hard to play. So, overall, Supercopter play well, feels nice, has loads of (very similar, unfortunately) enemies to shoot down. So, overall, Supercopter is the game to play, and is a game that will truly satisfy you.

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