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An innovative C64 plane game

These days we play a lot of RPG or RTS games with great graphics and sounds. Uridrum may be not in that list but this classic game is one of the best C64 games ever. Like me, many classic game lovers will love this game. It is a fun game with a sci-fi plot. In this game you have to save the earth from the enemy Super-Dreadnought ships. Power up with the fuel and destroy everything that comes to you. Created by Andrew Braybrook and published by Hewson Consultants, this game is a great shooting game. In this arcade game you need some basic piloting skills to destroy your enemies. You can play similar games like - Air fighter, Get ready to conquer the quest. I bought this game spending only a few dollars. But this game is worth every penny. This classic arcade type game will entertain you and bring you back to your childhood. Uridium and Uridium are two sequels of this series. These two games are also as good as this one. The storyline of this game is decent, so anyone can play this game. You will get bonus points and fuels in every level. Enjoy this game with your friends and family members. Trust me this is a good game.

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