Sport 1992 Dos Rage Software Soccer

A good all around soccer game

One of the selling points of Striker back in the day was the huge selection of teams that were available as well as the 3D environment with footballers as sprites. However, the teams didn't really feel that distinct as players didn't have a too large number of aspects to define their field play, so, once you got to grips with one team, the other ones felt almost the same when played. However, if you're not a freak for simulation and realism, the game is simple and still enjoyable game of soccer. Maybe not as simple to get into as Sensible Soccer, but nevertheless, you won't necessarily find yourself gasping to get the controls or to play a cursive, well thought out game. Another positive aspect is the use of a good sized minimap, so you can really tell where your players are and manage to achieve some very interesting backwards or forwards passes. The only question to ask is whether the simple simulation of each team's players abilities interests you and is or is not a point of contention with you. This game, while at the surface seems to offer variety is basically re-using the same core player mechanics and AI for the entire host of games. So, Striker will prove a bit boring in quite a short while but, until that happens, you can be sure that you will experience a few entertaining matches.

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