Adventure 1987 Dos Apogee Science Fiction

Finding a way to start a new life

Supernova is a text adventure game in which your goal is to find a different way of living your life. You, the protagonist have lived as a miner for most of your life, but that no longer proves viable, as the iron contents of the mines on the planet you've been exploiting have depleted. This is a text adventure, with no additional graphics, and the parser, the engine that takes your keyboard input and transforms it into the game commands is not one for the best around. Thus, you have to either try and keep your phrases as small as possible, or you have to use a walkthrough, to make sure you don't get stuck. It's a sort of middle age crisis kind of game, but it's overall pretty well done, and it's a mature story that it tells. Also, the Sci Fi overtones don't seem out of place and the writing, for an Apogee game, is beyond what I personally expected. Anyway, try it, and if you want to see another more mature title, download and play Last Days of Doom too, a serious, rather dark text adventure with a hefty Sci Fi portion.

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