Superspeed Deluxe

Racing 1995 Dos Tom Fresen Arcade style Top down

Top down miniracer, fun but a bit too nondescript

It's not that this game suffers from any issues, the problem with it is that it just doesn't have too much personality. It's all nondescript, the cars, the tracks, the challenges and everything else. However, it's also a cool game, as it also packs a bit of puzzle within the top down tracks. For instance, you at times can choose to go for the longer trajectories or, if you're lucky (and enjoy taking a risk!) you can go for the shorter but at times closed portions of the game. However, there are lots of tracks, the cars kind of behave all the same, and it is a game for children to play with, without any issues, as it's just slow enough and yet fun. Yep, it's a playable, not too colorful game, uses a washed down palette which can be great if you loathe loaded super saturated pallets. But it also kind of gets old soon and the recipe is in full bloom online. Alternatively, for a similar kind of game, see Super Speed Christmas Edition which adds snow and other winter celebration kind of elements, though the basic ideas are the same.

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