Super Speed Christmas Edition

Racing 1995 Windows Tom Fresen Rally Top down

A top down single screen type racer; ready for winter!

Super Speed Christmas Edition is a top down16 bit era racer, that offers you a selection of 4 vehicles and a great number of small, one screen sized tracks. The game is basically the same as Super Speed, but within its levels a lot of cool graphical wintery elements have made their way in there. You have snow, you have Merry Christmas ribbons flying about and Santa Clause appearing in some of the curves in the game. Thus, if you'd like a simple racer game, immediately recognizable, with that nice RC car feel to it, that is ready to be played during the winter celebrations, and the entire family can enjoy, this is it. On the other hand it's utter simplicity, lack of speed or challenge can be a bit underwhelming, but then again, if you want to involve you grandparents in retro gaming, this can do it the best! Plus it looks great, no jagged edges, no nasty particularities. It's a great game from start to finish and a job to play, when you can get your friends or parents out of the way by bumping into them on the final lap!

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