Nova 9 - Return of Gir Draxon

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Sierra Robots First Person

Futuristic tank battle arcader

In this game you're going to play the role of a tank pilot in a really word futuristic world. The pink skies are the home of archaeopteryx type birds while the soil is populated by mechanic “beasts” such as the one that you pilot, tanks that can shoot energy beams and a few other mostly static structures you may be tasked with leveling down. The game, in a setting with more green and with more blue for the sky could have easily stood for a tank battle type game, with the view stuck to the cockpit and with the enemies and decors being so simple 3D meshed thingies that they could have been anything! Yap, it's that kind of ultra simple visual game, which can barely display more than a few colors at a time and also can display 3D objects that are rarely more complicated than regular cube structures. But I love that very beginning, struggling type of graphics, where every line displayed is a struggle won! You will find the same overly simplistic make up of the world in Havoc though the game is a bit more refined in terms of the amount of polygons it can display, as it was released in 95, when Pentium 2 was top of the line processing wise and Voodoo graphic cards were all the rage!

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