Tactical Manager

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Good diverse tactical theme with little action

It is a soccer simulation game with a tactical scope and a great depth of dynamics that are involved in management. The game is more of the simulation that carters management rather than the presentation of matches or action. As the game kick offs, you will be really surprised to see the vast number of teams and players from which you can select. The numbers are actually in thousands for your selection and involves a large data base of statistics and figures which look quite realistic and interesting. The game focuses largely on the statistics and results of matches and leagues that are played all over the world and the player dynamics in terms of their skills and career. You won't find here the regular building of infrastructure and facilities but you will really be showered with some great tactical details of soccer management that managers counter all over the world. Many would feel that the lack of match action is a bit boring but the game has the elements to keep you interested in the gameplay as it has some really good graphics and very fine user interface as well. If you want to go for a superior game that gives you both action and simulation features, then go for Ultimate Soccer Manager.

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