The Manager

Sport 1991 Dos Dosbox Software 2000 Soccer Team management

Tactics, training, management; an alright game

The Manager doesn't really do anything spectacular, though it sure seems to try. It's a genuinely alright football manager, all around fun, the kind you'd get to play in the beginning of the 90s. I played with it about an hour, and, truly, nothing spectacular caught my eye. It looks alright, 2D presentation, looking pretty well done, but again, it's not too enticing. But then again, if you played it ages ago, and the game takes you back, sure, but for players that just look for a nice soccer management, this can be it, though surely there are many more interesting strategies out there. At any rate, The Manager looks like it's been produced by a company that didn't really look to push the genre forward. So, yeah, for a turn based football sim, this can be it, though, for sure, one of the Championship Manager of the era would be a better choice. But then again, the power of nostalgia can prompt you to play this one as well, and you won't be disappointed either, though surely, you could ask a bit more of it...

Manage yor team in this epic managerial game

The Manager is a pretty complex game for its time, for not only did you have to manage your team as a coach, but you even have to manage your stadium, your team's economy balance etc. It's a huge game, but nonetheless it's pretty fun. The graphics aren't that impressive, but are colorful and pleasant to look at. The way you do your managerial stuff is well executed. There are a tons of thing you could do. Need more money? You can ask for a loan from the bank. Stadium is in a bad shape? You can renovate it. Team uses weak strategies? Change the tactics! Once you're all set for a new match, you can't really see what's happening on the field, only when there are important events, such as if one of your players scores a goal or misses a chance for a goal, he receives a yellow/red card. After the first half and when the entire match is over, you can see how did the other teams perform and can watch your team's standings. There's even a nice newspaper clip that shows how well your team has performed.

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