Through the Desert

Strategy 2000 Windows Board games

Camel and desert tile based puzzler/strategy

Through the Desert takes its cues form a desert inspired board game, where the idea was to accumulate as much wealth in a dessert, barren land, by placing camels strategically on the map and by using the math of the game in your favor. In Through the Desert the same ideas of that board game are also taken in consideration, and, thus, the game feels like a minimalist strategy, or like an extended puzzler game. The game is meant to be played by 2 to 5 players, and also, it is meant to be tackled as an anchor type game. Camels act like anchors in the game, constructing pathways, which, if properly used, will add to your wealth, caravan style. The ultimate goal is to hog as many of the game's routes so as to block the other players from accumulating wealth of their own. There is also a random portion to the game, a sort of dice roll simulation, but the game is won by your smart manipulation of the map rather than anything else. Graphically, Through the Desert is like a freeware, low budget game, but it still offers enough to keep you going and has no nasty graphical bits to drive you to leave. So, ultimately, it's about your love for the recipe offered rather than anything else. A similar game to try out if you love this one could be, if you love highly stylized game, Monad or, for a more tabletop type experience, Take it Easy.

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