Arcade 1996 Windows Anonymous Puzzle based Item collection

A nod to Atari games and a puzzle maze shooter

Well, you should not ask too much of a game that is free, and, while Tankkk doesn't pack much in terms of content, the game with its 2x2 settings can still manage to keep you busy for a few tens of minutes. What Tankkk is, is a combination of maze shooter with a puzzle like structure that emerges from the manner in which your projectiles can bounce off the scenery. Thus, this is not your average 2D tank shooter. Nope, in order to succeed in this game you have to consider where a shot will land and how that shot will affect the enemies. The game manages to increase its playability by offering you a number of options in terms of the behavior of your projectiles. The range and bounce of the projectiles, which can be shot in a string of up to 5 projectiles at a time can vary and thus, the manner in which you tackle each challenge will be different each and every time. At any rate, the game feels like an experimental Pacman type deal that makes the game much more intriguing to play with and that is where the game shines. However, don't expect a perfectly balanced experience, there are bugs, there are issues and the looks of the game is pretty shady. So, only try it if you can handle lower resolution, buggy games.

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