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Tile matching/destroying puzzler, extremely enticing!

Boppin is the kind of game that will really catch your attention! It features a tile swapping mechanic as its main gameplay, but it has lots of mini side missions and also, it features interesting characters, cartoonish and very cool. There are lot of variations of gameplay, from areas where you have to match color tiles to areas where you have to fiddle your way to shoot some tiles into their correct position, which can be quite hard at times, because they shoot crookedly, not straight. So, if you want, you might call Boppin a variety game, and you wouldn't be wrong, but it sure is based around the same mechanics. What you'll love about it is the really creative graphics: the game will take you through blueprint like scenarios, then it will take you through areas that are inspired by sandy beaches, or old buildings and so on. So, yeah, it's a simple, childlike game a little, but it sure is charming. Alternatively, you might want to look at DStroy, a game that is also about tiles/brick destruction, though not as diverse as Boppin.

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