Tank Wars 2.0

Arcade 2000 Windows Challenges Strategic scope

Super multiplayer game with tanks; up to 10 players

TankWars 2.0 is a small 2D, sidescroller like game, much in the style of Scorched Earth, where your main goal is to destroy the enemy tanks by sending parabolic missiles towards them. And that too is the thing of the game; not everyone is as accurate in finding out how to angle a tank's barrel so that it will send the missile flying towards the enemy; also a feat made harder by the fact that you have to take into consideration the speed of the wind as well as its direction, as these too will influence the way your missile will go. So, with TankWars 2.0 you can be sure that you will get a very cool and very interesting game, one that really is bound to offer you a beautiful experience, and also, one that is bound to keep you and your friends discussing for hours. It's not a game that has a lot of diversity, however it can be played in hot seat multiplayer mode by no less than 10 players, so that everyone can feel included. Fire in the hole! And next time, make sure not to skimp on the wind calculations, it affects the trajectory of the missiles a lot!

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