Corridor 7: Alien Invasion

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Capstone Shooter Science Fiction

A doom like shooter, but very well polished and playable

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion is a sprite based, 3D first person shooter, in the style of Doom or any other early day shooter games. It's definitely fun to play, really interesting all around, in terms of the options that it puts at your disposal, and it is a long game also. The backstory is cool too, involving a Martian artifact, which, once taken and studied, it gets some radiation, and, to everyone's surprise, it opens a portal to this other dimension, from where a whole bunch of alien baddies will emerge, with only one thing on their mind; destruction! But you are not some wimpy anybody, you are actually a very capable individual, that will get into the fight, and will be able to force the aliens to regret their decisions to invade! Yep, you shoot, and shoot, and shoot, maybe find some more ammo, find some secret location, and keep on fighting. It's the same classic recipe that has impressed since times immemorial, and it always gives you everything you need, and keeps you entertained and offers you a whole bunch of action. And if you don't fall for it as I did, then Wolf 3D is mighty replayable, or playable, if you haven't yet downloaded it!

Doom in a different setting

Alien Invasion is an offspring of the world famous game Doom, since it is a modified Doom 3D engine. The plot is not very important but here it is : A dimensional gate (the Vortex) is opened in the midst of Corridor 7, allowing an army of alien invaders to reach Earth. The aliens quickly overrun the military base and take its control killing everyone. And you are the only thing that is in between them and total human annihilation. Just like Doom and Wolfenstein (the reason Alien Invasion didn't get to shine), you play the game from the first person perspective, going around and killing bad guys, the only difference being that he can't get to the next level before killing all of the bad guys. You have 30 levels of gameplay with 10 extra levels and additional weapons and alien types in the CD version. What's really great is that you can also play this game in multiplayer. The graphics are the same as in Wolfentstein the graphics are poor, with pixelated surroundings and enemies, and the soundtrack is a poor midi recording. But the gameplay is fun, the game is adrenaline - rushing and the perfect one for all first person shooters, especially Doom and Wolfenstein fans.

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