Adventure 1999 Windows Tivola Publishing First person

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Educational adventure

Physicus is one of the most original point and click adventure games that I have seen in a long while. With a gameplay very similar to the famous Myst, Physicus is a great game that includes a lot of puzzles, adventure and a even education. The thing is this - the Earth has stopped orbiting around itself due to a meteor and now the world is in grave danger. The only way to fix this problem is by a special device, whose pieces are scattered around the globe and, worse, broken. You have to go around the world, find them and make them work again. The education part is where all of the puzzles are based on scientific principles. By solving them, you get to learn a lot about laws of physics, optics and much much more. The game is played very simply, by moving in a first person perspective by clicking around and interacting with objects by clicking on them. The imagery is stunning, truly a fine piece of programming and artwork. When all is said and done, Physicus is a superb adventure game that truly has all the important elements combined - adventure, education, puzzles and lots of fun. I highly, highly recommend this game!

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