Tennis PC

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Primitive, yet playable and fun enough

If you want to play a good game of top down tennis against your PC, or, if you want to share your PC with a retro loving friends, against one of them, something more basic yet playable in terms of Tennis games would be hard find! That is so because, while graphically Tennis PC is no more than a CGA tennis, third person false perspective 3D game, for that genre, it is one of the best. It was released in 85, when CGA was king in terms of graphical, quality, but worry not, this one won't disappoint. Yes, the field is that nasty too bright shade of blue, but it is well enough done to see your balls and, with a bit of luck, win the game. Also, very important for these very minimal, graphically, games, the controls are actually top notch, very responsive, very well done and always enchanting enough, in that they all w you to sort of feel where a ball is going and intercept it more easily. Sure, nothing beats Pong in terms of immediacy of controls and playability, but then again, this one is called Tennis, so yeah, expect Tennis, even if it's so minimalist and puny! But, as I said, it's a retro kind of fun that is very refreshing sometimes.

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