Terminator: the Future Shock

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Shooter Futuristic

Revolutionary, due to its features

Terminator: the Future Shock is a first-person shooter action game released in 1995 by Bethesda Softworks. The action takes place in 2015, when the Earth is controlled by Skynet, an advanced computer. The survival of the humans stands in the hands of John Connor, who must travel in time to stop Skynet that used a high technology for malevolent purposes upon humanity. Terminator: the Future Shock is a science-fiction game based on the Terminator movies series, that used some of the features that were taken over by Quake: the mouse based camera rotations and the third-dimensional environment. Terminator: the Future Shock is still an awesome game that is still playable nowadays. The graphics are decent and suitable for those times. So, it is normal to say that the resolution was poor. But, if you want a better clarity, the "Skynet" expansion pack is available to install. The world is dominated by a post-apocalyptic ambience, where you must annihilate powerful machines. The gameplay offers you a great amount od control, that involves the combination of keyboard and mouse. At times, you will drive cars, with rocket launchers on them. If your progress in the action is strong and appropriate, you will be rewarded with extra ammo and weapons. Have fun with this revolutionary game!

Good weapons

For a DOS game this was awesome - full 3d very early, fairly true to Terminator canon, good weapons, and multiplayer! Plus rideable vehicles! what more could you want??? Heck with Sarah Connor, Judgement Day has come and gone, it's up to you to destroy those metal buggers and show them the error of their calculations.

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