System Shock

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Futuristic Shooter Fpp Sci fi

SHODAN, the ultimate Ai menace will give you a good scare!

System Shock is a weird action/shooter/adventure game, quite the master and the start for gameplay that combined action/adventure/survival with sci fi punk, with a character that at the time was unseen, a rogue AI, SHODAN, which is just fun to play with and let give you a ride. Now, the game had gotten a whole load of press, and, one thing that never really is said enough is that this is a (relatively!) easy game to learn to play; it controls like an action one, but you also get a mouse pointer which can be used to interact with the scenery wherever you are, sort of like in a combo action/classic adventure. Plus, it's got lite RPG elements, that are mainly used to give you a weapons systems means of upgrading, plus the upgrade of your own abilities, through implants and cyber enhancements. And, boy, you're sure going to need all you can get your hands on, because this is a hard game to play at times, with relentless enemies and with claustrophobic areas, space stations, corridors, virtual spaces and so on. Graphically it is definitely aged a little, no doubt about it, but it still looks alright, and you'd be hard pressed to find fault with it; for a 94 game it was ahead if its time for sure. And, when you're done with it, download and play System Shock 2, which ups the graphical ante and takes the game on a very cool journey!

Hack into AI and save the planet

System shock is part adventure, part RPG and part action. Why? Because in this game, all three elements are strongly present. But onlike Omikron, which is a failure, this game blends those three elements perfectly. Set in the cyberpunk 2072, you play an unnamed hacker who has to hinder the plans of an malevolent AI called SHODAN to destroy and take over control of the planet Earth. What is so special in this game the original and interesting story and the gameplay. As mentioned before, you are not limited to a single genre in gameplay. You get to solve puzzles, kill enemies, all the while discovering new elements of the game plot. The game is played in a first person view and you play the game with a mouse and keyobard, selecting with the left click and fighting with the right one. The graphics are advanced for its time, but since we are talking about a game in VGA mode and it in the size of a floppy disc, don't expect much in that field. Music is triggered by location, meaning that it changes depending where you are, ranging from a soft tune during most of the time to more aggressive when in combat or serious situations. Overall, this is a fantastic combination of adventure, action and sci-fi and should not be missed out on any circumstances.

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