Action 1998 Windows Activision Shooter Futuristic

Eat this!

SiN might not the best known of the classic first person shooters, overshadowed by Quake and Doom, but it's actually a fine entry into the genre and is thus well worth a look if you want some intense action. It's also got a surprisingly decent storyline, unusual for this kind of thing, and which just adds to the appeal. The story revolves around an evil future corporation and their plans for pushing a DNA-altering drug onto the streets and which ends up with freakish mutations running around causing chaos. As John Blade, head of an elite private protection service, it falls to you to investigate this heinous crime and bring those responsible to justice. What follows is a surprisingly complex shooter which doesn't quite bear comparison with Half-Life, but which comes close. Most of the game is a fairly familiar shooter, with the usual array of weapons and enemies to take out, but which is also notable for being one of the first to implement stealth, while the development of the plot is also affected by the outcome of certain missions, and which adds depth and replay value to the game. SiN really is one of the last great old-school shooters and deserves to be better known. It's visuals hold up pretty well today, with some nicely detailed environments and an excellent damage model. The storyline is gripping and intelligent for the most part, while the sound is highly atmospheric and adds a lot to the sci-fi setting. The weapons are fairly standard, but the action never lets up and which makes this a shooter that should be in any self respecting genre fan's collection.

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