Terminator 2029

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Shooter Science Fiction

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Science fiction fans will be in Nirvana with this game, a shooter based on the classic movie franchise which, although it might not be quite as good as the later Skynet and Future Shock games, stands as a fascinating exploration into one of the richest sci-fi series. This one takes the form of a first person shooter, albeit in a fashion which might seem restricted to players of more modern entries into the genre, as it is grid-based rather than free scrolling. The plot revolves around the expected battle to defeat the all-controlling Skynet, with players controlling a grunt in John Connor's ragtag army of human survivors, and who must complete series of missions which will return them to their rightful place. Of course, you're armed with set of weapons to help you out, with upgrades and attachments opening up as you progress, while there are also several NPCs to interact with and of course, a heap of nasty machines to destroy, including Sentinels, Terminators, Eradicators and Mantas. While obviously a touch dated, Terminator 2029 still holds up reasonably well today and provides some pretty satisfying action to enjoy. The lack of freedom is at first a touch frustrating but once you become attuned to the game's way of doing things, it all starts to flow much more smoothly. Visually, the game is dripping in atmosphere and does a great job of bringing the movie world to life, with gritty environments and detailed models which accurately represent their movie screen counterparts. Controls are decent enough, being responsive and fairly intuitive but it's the action which is the star here and it's explosive and meaty in the way that a Terminator game should be, so if you're a fan, do yourself a favour and check it out.

I'll be back

Terminator 2029 is more of a remake of the original Bethseda game based on the famous movie series, with much improved engine and higher quality of graphics, but the game's plot remains the same as in the original and the gameplay is not very different either. Your job is to fight through the scarred streets of futuristic Los Angeles, destroying all sorts of enemies that you encounter, all hostile towards you. You have the best equipment and the most lethal of weapons, but still, your job is going to be tough. The game's fast paced gameplay, fantastic graphics and animation and the superb sound effects easily make this game light years away from its predecessor. There are few bugs in the game, so you'd better get a patch online that fixes them, or else you'll get frustrated more than once. Still, even with the bugs, this is a better game in the action game franchise and action lovers will want to have it as soon as possible.

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