Puzzle 1997 Windows Atari Word or trivia Typing or writing

Enjoyable word-based puzzler

The original board game of Boggle is a classic word-based bit of fun that has a similar kind of appeal to similar titles such as Scrabble. The concept is a little simpler and perhaps lacks the long-term appeal of Scrabble but is still highly enjoyable when played in company and is perfect for some faster-paced action. This computer-based version is similar to its inspiration but adds in a few extras to make up for the fact that the basic game is probably a little too simple for computer gamers to enjoy that much. The basic concept remains unchanged and sees players attempting to find as many words as possible in a time limit from a board of 16 letters which are randomly generated each game. Longer words rack up more points and the overall objective is simply to be the highest scoring player. Additions here include a 3 dimensional variant, a head-to-head mode where you actually choose the pieces to lay down and a couple of Tetris-style variations. As far as word-based puzzlers go, this remains highly enjoyable stuff that taxes the mind in a suitably challenging fashion. Playing against the computer isn't the best way to play and the game really comes into its own when experienced with other real players. Thanks to the simple control system, it's a breeze to actually play the game and much interest is added with the extra modes. The 3D version is particularly challenging and really forces you to think a bit more, and this is perhaps the highlight of the package. The other modes are nice extras though and all in all, this is a neat little puzzler.

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