The Adventures of Robin Hood

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Millennium Interactive Myth and legend

The game is full of adventure

Don't make any predictions because the game is no based on the movie but involves somewhat the same theme. You as Robin Hood will need to do a lot of different activities to become hero from the villain which you have been in the eyes of the people. The plot is that the castle of Robin was overthrown and you will take control of this character outside the castle and in his quest. You will have to recruit in some wiling people to be a part of your mission to get back your castle and will have to collect a lot of gold from different unwilling aristocrats. Recusing will involve shooting captors with bow and using some other swinging tools. The thing which is not pleasing about this game is that though the color combination in the graphics is very good but they are a little tiny to my liking. The animations in the action sequences that have been incorporated are a bit hard to see and this makes the game somewhat frustrating to the user. However the fun element in the game is the little cute scenarios which are supported by some good controls. Those who remain patient will definitely enjoy the game but for those who do not have the virtue of patience should rather play Inca.

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