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A clash of generalized bad taste and bombastic animation

This is another worthy representative of the fact that more frames per second, more megahertz under the hood and more transistors don't necessarily lead to better games. In the early 90's capturing an actor's performance and using that in a game was considered new age, an advance in technology. Mortal Kombat had used the same translation technology, but while crude it was in less bad taste than Inca, which is a definitive melting pot of technological kitsch, half baked ideas, all dressed in the oriental/Egyptian garb of 90s bad MTV videos style. You play from a first person perspective, but of course, you have to see the action through a cheap golden looking pair of glasses like interface. Yeah, it's that trope again! You are hunted by some Defenders of the Underground which shine sparkly arrows at you and use cover in a very cinematic of the 90s way that would put a laugh on your face, were it not so frustrating mechanically. The story? Oh, you don't want to know that! You just won't conjure the patience to learn what the game's about. Well, at least in the 90s bad games could be funny, but for that at least a modicum of playability would be required. This one doesn't have it in the least.

A joke of a game

Developed by Coktel Vision, you play as El Dorado, a warrior who has been awakened from death in order to fight the evil Conquistadors. An no, this does not take place in the past, so it's a sci-fi themed game. From the minute you start the game you know that you made a bad mistake playing it. Fifty percent of the screen is only visible to you, the controls are broken and the overall quality of the graphics is garbage. There is one level in the game where 90 percent of the time you're staring at walls. The enemies in the game act like total idiots, like in a really bad TV show. The sounds are generic laser shooting and the music is uninspiring.

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