Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero

Adventure 1989 Dos Sierra On-Line Myth and legend Point and click

Colorful and snide RPG adventure from Sierra

This Sierra classic was pretty fresh back in its time; you know how for a long period all of the RPGs and quite a few other types of games saw you as the undeniable hero, the princess and world savior, the good, righteous individual always ready to give a helping hand? Well, Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero tells a similar story but with a funnier and more tongue in cheek type of humor to it. Remember how your RPG characters used to be given more pompous names? Well, you start this game by picking the type of character you'd like to play as, but they're called directly, thief, fighter and magic user! How about that for simplicity. From there on the game manages to paint a really cool picture of what most RPGs would put you through, but as I mentioned, the game is more about references and about calling out on the tropes that RPG games were used to be built on. Later Bard's Tale would have the same cheerful commentary about the genre, so if you want your games mocked, this is another great one at that, wonderer from afar (sic!).

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