Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Alternative Cartoon First person

Cartoony, not that deep, but an alright adventure game

I guess you won't go for Spud! If you're looking for an over the top adventure game, but if you're alright with just an okay, cartoonish, unassuming title, this one will do as ell. As its high points I'd name the cool summery graphics, its gentle childish though well told story and its simple puzzles. As lows, well, there aren't really any blatant problems, it's just the chill, relax attitude it has. If that wasn't why you were looking for then I guess the game can be a bit of a letdown, but otherwise you won't feel put off by this title. In fact, I'd say, if you are the kind that can get joy out of an edutainment title, you've got all it takes to find Spud! an alright game as well. So, without further ado, give it a try, and if you find it too easy, then you might find an alternate title, such as Scrooge, a game worth more of you time. But, as I said, I found nothing unpleasant within Spud! so you might as well give it a shot if you're not sure what adventure game to play these current days!

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