Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Humorous Cartoon Point and click Puzzle

Satisfying and enjoyable cartoon adventure

If you like your graphic adventures to have a neat line in twisted humour and slick cartoon-style visuals, then Toonstruck is something of a treat and anyone who has enjoyed the Monkey Island games should find plenty to entertain them here. The inventive plot describes how an animated land is being overrun by the evil machinations of a villainous genius who is turning its inhabitants into mutated versions of themselves with the aid of his powerful ray weapon. As Drew Blanc, an animator who finds himself drawn into this world, it's up to you to restore peace to the once-friendly land and earn your safe passage home. Gameplay is similar to other graphic adventures and makes of a simple point-and-click interface to control the character and explore the many environments, while interacting with the other characters and solving puzzles as you go. Toonstruck is certainly inventive in both its visuals and its storyline, which combines elements of Wizard of OZ and other such classics to great effect. The graphics are impressive detailed, with superbly detailed and atmospheric environments to enjoy, while the script is witty and clever, with a number of highly memorable characters to encounter along the way and who are voiced by some well known actors on are on fine form. Don't let the animated look fool you though as the game isn't strictly for kids, thanks to the occasionally grown-up language and the challenging puzzles. If faults are to be found, they are generally minor, and on the whole this is a highly original and enjoyable Discworld-style adventure that provides plenty of entertainment value.

Save the cartoon world from the evil cartoon

This is an extremely captivating cartoon puzzle adventure game in which Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future himself plays a cartoonist called Drew Blanc who got stuck in his own cartoon world. This guy now must find and destroy the character to save the world, before he can finally go home. The gameplay is very interesting and quirky as the whole game is, with interesting puzzles and very humorous dialogues. The game is visually absolutely breathtaking. The whole game is one big beautiful cartoon, save Drew, who is a live actor. As goofy the game looks and plays, the game sounds like that, too. The voice acting is also top notch. This game is absolutely perfect for children for its simplicity and beauty, and kudos have to be made for Christopher for his fantastic acting. If you choose to play it yourself, prepare to be completely immersed in the beautiful cartoon world in which you will never want to get out of. Perfect.

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