The American Challenge: A Sailing Simulation

Simulation 1986 Dos Tom Snyder Productions Naval

Sail around the world

Now this really is something of an oddity. Although sailing has often been incorporated into other games, as an activity in itself it is not something that has often been seen, with only the likes of Yacht Racing Simulator springing immediately to mind. Even without this game's novelty value, it remains a surprisingly decent little simulator that offers a good representation of life on the high seas in competition and is worth checking out, whether you're a sailing fan or not. There are eight courses on offer here where you must race against a variety of computer opponents under various conditions. Thanks to the level of detail on offer, you have to take care of everything from the trim of your sails to the position of your centreboard and so on, while taking into account things like wind and water conditions. The whole thing is seen from a 3D perspective, with boats represented in wireframe while you also have access to a handy overhead map so you can check on everyone's progress. There's also the option to play in multiplayer mode or to jump in a motorboat if sailing proves too leisurely. The American Challenge doesn't look like much, thanks to its simple graphics but if you can get past this exterior, there's a strangely compelling game on offer here. It certainly earns points for simply being distinctive but even discounting this, the mechanics at play here provide a nice sense of challenge which proves to be both relaxing and enjoyable. It's probably not a game for everyone but if you are a sailing fan, or just like unusual games, then take a look here.

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