Yacht Racing Simulator

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Geoff. Brayford & Associates Naval

Prototypical yet playable; yet only for hardcore retroists!

You'd be hardpressed to see where the yacht in Yacht Racing actually is, because, for the most part, this game is a stick figure game in all its glory. But, as these early simulation games went, it has quite a bit of oomph in the numerical, mathematics portion of the simulation. While in many other respects it is quite a poor game, as far as the math that drives it goes, this is as good a simulation as you could ever hope to uncover of this time period. So, here's what you can expect: a lot of black, a few lines and dots that create the trajectories of the boats and water, and a right hand menu like portion that details the tilt, the direction and some other forces that act on the Yacht. Yep, it is no graphical party with this one, but I know for sure that people love these stick and bone simulations just for the ease of prodding under the hood, just because they do a lot to teach you how they are coded and how they work. So, for all intents and purposes, you should definitely see it, else download Speedboat Attack for a truly engaging boating game, a pureblood arcader for modern gaming lovers.

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